Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn.

Got a reality check Sunday morning when our goddaughter's father called and told us his wife had tried to hang herself with a dog collar. Apparently they'd gotten in a fight and she decided to act on her previous threat of offing herself. While deeply saddened for them and horrified at the thought of their daughter being the one who found her... it also made me think. Alot. I've been there. While I never actually acted on it, I've had those thoughts many times. Once, not too long after we were married, Jake and I had gotten in a fight at a friend's house and I took off walking down the road to get away. When he came and found me, I was walking down the road with a knife to my wrist. I wanted to do it. REALLY wanted to, but just couldn't. I guess I'm a pussy after all.

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