Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yeah I suck at this..

Traveling on the Mountainous Interstate in Nor...Image by Old Shoe Woman via FlickrMy life is so boring, I can't even blog it. There is a new development though which will greatly affect my existance on the planet for a while. Jake has gone back "in the system" for Highway Transport. (Actually, it's now Highway Transport Chemical, LLC)
No, he's not a convict with an ankle bracelet or anything like that. He's going back over the road. He'd been running regional for what, a year? Can't remember... but since he's FINALLY decided to take his hypertension seriously he's realized it's hard to keep up with his particular drug regimen when he doesn't have a set schedule.
He has a pill he takes every morning and another for bedtime. Yet he was having to take his bedtime pill (obviously the stronger of the two) before heading out in the truck at night about half the week. Two weeks ago, when he finally broke down and told his dispatcher he needed to go back in he had fallen asleep... behind the wheel of the truck. Once just running down the interstate, the other time IN A TUNNEL... IN THE GORGE!! Not a good place to doze off while driving a Volvo VNL670 pulling a chemical tanker. If anybody doesn't know what the "gorge" is, it's that part of I-40 in western North Carolina with the steep grades and twisting turns. A very hazardous area for trucks anyway... but asleep!? It's a wonder he's still with us at all.
So he left yesterday, don't know when he'll be home. And Sasha has been moping around the house since then. All evening she wanted out every few moments so she could go look in the driveway for his pickup. :( It's funny, he was in the system when we got her and she used to bark at him when he'd come home and try to chase him off the bed. She finally got used to the idea of a pack member who's not home all the time and accepted him... then he was home more. Now she's attached to him, expects him to be here and is not at all happy about him being gone.
As Mommy, I've been trying extra hard to keep her occupied and happy... but have to leave for work in about an hour. :( Poor baby will think we've both left her.
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Cootiebug77 said...

*gasp* She lives!!! Z is alive!!! Yay!!!

Okay, I'm done.

Sorry to hear about Jake having to go back to his old schedule : / I know nothing about cell phones, so I can't really help there.

I know I suck. But I miss you!


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