Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend: Just me and Sasha

duckchaseImage by nismax95 via FlickrSpent the first of many weekends without Jake. Been a while and I forgot just how much time can be in those two days when I'm the one thinking up stuff to do with it. Although I certainly would have loved to spend at least one day out on the lake... Sasha and I went for a nice hike Saturday.
We were actually going after a geocache that had been placed Wednesday and were going to be the First-to-find. Didn't work out. Got to the location after walking about .7 mile and realized there was no way I was going to make it to the hiding spot with Sasha in tow. I had the Flexi leash and no way to secure it to me, wasn't about to leave her tied up to something down below and we were both slipping and sliding in the loose rocks and soil trying to climb a 45-degree angle. Chalked it up to an adventure, let Sash splash around in the nearby creek for a while then headed back to the duck pond for a water break and some goose chasing.
Did some random (very) surfing on the net and remembered a website a merchant had told me to look up. It's a group of people who reply to those financial scam mails we all get with the sole purpose of bugging the crap out of the people who bug the crap out of us. You know the e-mails I'm talking about. Some guy in another country died and left a huge amount of money but no heirs. A bank employee decides to find an heir to claim the funds and offers to split it with you if you pretend to be the dead guy's long lost relative. The story may vary but the premise is always the same... they have alot of money to give away and need your info to transfer it to you. First they need your name, address and phone number. Then once they get you on the hook they realize they need money to pay taxes or bank fees or something like that. Or they get your bank information so they can have the funds wire transferred to your account. Believe it or not, I actually had a friend once who almost got suckered into one of those. By the time he mentioned it, he's already given them his home address and phone number. Anyway, this website has a bunch of "scam baiters" who respond to these emails and try to get information from the scammer, some have actually gotten them to pose for pictures with some interesting signage... not sure what the stories are behind these yet.
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