Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's all play the waiting game!

ONTARIO, CA - MAY 4:  In this handout photo re...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeI recently placed an order on corporate perks for two "Free" T-mobile Sidekick mobile phones. The good part is, they were free after a $50 rebate, with free overnight shipping and no activation fees. The bad part is, they where shipped Wednesday and I still don't have them! Thanks to UPS. United Parcel Service? Nay, Ur Package... Somewhere!
Yeah, they keep trying to deliver this "signature required for delivery" package while I'm not home. And the only option for a pick-up location is a warehouse on Robert C. Jackson (near Denso) that is only open from 2pm - 6pm Monday through Friday. Lotta good that's gonna do me.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking, why not just go buy a phone somewhere and take it home that day. Well, see here's the thing. We wanted phones with decent internet access. Not some crappy phone browser, but real internet access. Didn't want to pay loads of cash for iPhones (although I love that little gadget) and AT&T contracts. I spent alot of time reading reviews of different phones and when I ran across the deal to get these Sidekicks FREE... well. Yeah. I'm gonna try that! Why the hell not, right? Got 30 days to send 'em back if we don't like 'em. Free if I keep them and the monthly service will be $20-40 less per month than our current Sprint rates with more features and options that we actually will use.
I'm just super pissed right now because I was all psyched about taking the new phone around this weekend and trying it out. But instead, I'm sitting here watching the bars on my Samsung A-900 (P.O.S.) do lovely acrobatics. :(

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