Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The great phone hunt...

Opera Mini's full page view enables users to s...Image via WikipediaOK. We're sick of Sprint and ready to move on. Finally out of the dreaded contract period and Jake has been hounding me to "find us some new phones."
Yeah, thanks. Put all the pressure on me. Love ya. His list of "the only things I require" isn't making it easy either. (although I can't complain cause I had the same list really, he just copied mine)
First off, I LOVE the iPhone. I'm just the type of techy gadget lover who would happily chunk down the needed cash to get one... IF I had the needed cash. But I don't. So I'm looking for something similar but cheaper. Now I'm not super picky... it doesn't have to run all the cool little iPhone apps or anything like that. Would be nice, but I'm being realistic here and I know that isn't going to happen... so here is what I want instead:
  • A truly web capable phone. One that has an actual web browser and doesn't just show you the text portions of a web site all stretched and mangled. That being said... I just discovered Opera Mini this morning and downloaded it to my current phone. COOL! I wish I had known this existed months ago! Now for the bad part, it doesn't work on Verizon phones and Verizon is currently one of the front-runners for our new cell phone provider (more on that later).
  • A QWERTY keyboard. Preferrably a larger sized one that either flips or slides out of the phone. Jake's eyes aren't all that swift and he'd have a hell of a time trying to look at the digits on some phones, like the Alias.
  • and the last one, and this is certainly not a deal breaker by any means, but would make things less confusing is the availability of different colors. And not some sissy pink or puke yellow. I really like the colors available for the LG Chocolate phones, but... they don't have the other required items. We'd considered Blackberries, but after Jake messed around with one, the only real comfortable one to use (keypad wise) was just plain huge and not practical for him to carry around.
Soooo.... that's my latest dilemna/project. Any suggestions? ...and why the hell is Alltel available in Johnson City, TN but not in Knoxville? WTF is that all about?
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