Friday, July 18, 2008

Stone update...

Surgical tools / Utensilios quirúrgicosImage by . SantiMB . via FlickrWell the surgery is over and I'm home. Actually made it home much sooner than planned. They had told me the procedure would take 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I was done in 45 minutes. Recovery time went quick and I was ready to go home by the time I was supposed to be coming out of the recovery room. Hellz yeah! I didn't want to stay stuck in Day Surgery any longer than I had to.

Waking up was a very strange thing for me. I'd only been under general anesthesia one other time in my life. That was for the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth and I was out a whopping 25 minutes. Woke up in the same place I went to sleep... sorta.

This time, I was in the operating room when I went to sleep. I remember getting drowsy and people were still talking to me... but I can't remember actually dozing off. The previous time I do. I know the exact moment I went out. This time I only recall all these people in the room talking and doing things all around me... then a guy talking to me. He kind of sounds like the guy who gave me the stuff to put me to sleep, but it's not. His voice is slightly different and he's on my left. When I was given the drugs, he was behind my head and there was an X-ray machine to my left. They had just taken and X-ray and I remember thinking it didn't work because I never heard the machine ramp up.

My eyes didn't want to open, I might be able to talk back to him... what's this thing laying across my face? Must be one of those oxygen tubes that they stick up your nose. Wait. There's someone here, my eyes are opening now and I can see them. That can't be right... it's not a guy, it's a female nurse. And there are curtains around me again. I'm back in the staging room where I started from... or somewhere exactly like it. I wonder know how long I've been here.

My eyes are open now, but things are still fuzzy looking. What the... oh yeah. No contacts today, I had wore my glasses in because I couldn't wear my contacts into surgery and my glasses are in the Day Surgery locker with my clothes.

HOLY CRAP AM I THIRSTY!! And my throat hurts... alot. That tube they stick down your throat when you're in surgery... SUCKS! Major suckage! They had taken it out before I woke up, but it made my throat very sore and even today... the next day... 24 hours later... it still hurts.

Once they got me back into Day Surgery waiting they brought me a drink and some crackers. Didn't notice that one of the packs was graham crackers until Jake pointed it out when he came in. Dammit. I had been trying to force a saltine down my throat in tiny pieces and could have had a graham cracker?? Only ate one cracker. Although I was starving when I went in and starving when I went out, as soon as I tried to swallow the first tiny bite of cracker I decided I wasn't hungry any more. I couldn't swallow the stuff. It was stuck on this lump in my throat. I finished the cracker I started but that was all I ate until Jake made me some Ramen at around 10pm.

Hydrocodone is my friend. And so are these blue capsules, whatever they are, that make me pee blue. See I have a stent inserted in my ureter (tube from kidney to bladder where the stone was stuck) to help the stone fragments pass. And it constantly gives the sensation that I have to pee... RIGHT FRICKEN NOW! My first real sensation after coming out of anesthesia was that I HAD to pee. The nurse said that was probably just the stent, and after trying my damdest to go in the bed pan she brought... nothing but pain. I did go a couple times before I left the hospital. Once I had downed a 12 ounce can of Sprite and had SOMETHING in my system to pee. I'll spare you the gory details, but it ain't pretty.

So now I'm home, trying not to sit upright cause when I do I can feel the stent. I can't describe that feeling really... but I don't like it at all and it hurts. And I just took a pain pill about 30 minutes ago and I'm geting drowsy again so I'll go now. before this gets too incohere.. uhh.. I know how to spell that word but can't right now.. anyway. i'll go before i get too hard to understand.

i do wnat to say one more thing though... Kudos to the staff at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. They promised me before going to surgery that they would keep Jake posted on my progress... and they did. He said they have a screen in the waiting room that has patient names and everytime there is a status change it updates...but even better, my surgical nurse kept going out and updating him as things progressed along. He knew exactly when I went into the OR, how long the op took, when i was in recovery, when I woke up in recovery, when they moved me out of recovery and when I was ready for visitors. Awesome job!
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Cootiebug77 said...

Oh yay! I'm SO relieved that everything went smoothly. You've been on my mind alot lately. When you're healthy again let's get together and do dinner or something?


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