Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Spikey Friend(s)...

Kidney StonesImage by Trevor Blake via FlickrFor those who don't know, I have been fighting a losing battle recently with an unwelcome visitor. A kidney stone has apparently been living in my right kidney for an unknown amount of time and recently decided to move out.

Then it ran into a problem. Kidney stones are spiky little things... imagine a tiny, porcupine made out of calcium. Well apparently when this stone tried to evacuate, it got hung up (literally) in the ureter and has been there for the last 2 1/2 weeks.

After the initial 3 hours of "OH MY GOD I WANT TO KILL MYSELF TO STOP THIS PAIN" pain stopped, it's been an off and on joy ride with sharp stabbing pains hitting at random intervals and for no apparent reason. Drugs given by a urologist to help me pass the stone have apparently done nothing as it really seems to be stuck in there.

The messed up part is, it's very difficult to even see it. The ER originally told me after a CT scan that the stone was 5mm and classified it as "a big one." Yet despite numerous attempts to get a clear X-ray of it, the urologist is unsure if the spot we're looking at on the X-rays is the stone. If it is, he says there is no reason why it shouldn't pass on it's own and we've been trying to get it to do just that.

Apparently two weeks is a bit long for all that has been done to try to get this sucker to move, and the "spot" hasn't moved... not an inch. A second ultrasound of my kidneys was done Monday morning and the urologist scheduled me for a "surgery" called lithotripsy. Apparently, although the stone itself SHOULD pass, it's not and it is creating enough of a blockage to let fluid collect inside my kidney. Not a good situation. So now I get to go to Fort Sanders at 6am tomorrow and get beat on with invisible fists! Sounds like fun, eh?

...and yeah, this all started the Monday morning following the Weekend From Hell. (More on that later.)
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Cootiebug77 said...

Ewww, bless your heart!
I'll be thinking about you sweetie : ( Let me know if you need anything.


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