Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's 3am.. do you know where you music is?

Good... Cause I sure as hell don't! Once again, a iTunes issue has pissed me off and I don't know what to blame it on. My experiment last week with trying to convert my PC to a Mac failed... miserably. Ended up having to take the "Mac partition" and install a second copy of Windows in order to make my PC bootable again. Now I have to choose which copy I want to run when my computer reboots! Oh Joy.
After I got all that straightened out... I plugged Jake's 5th Generation iPod in and let it sync and install a firmware update. iTunes had also decided to update to version Don't know if it was that update or something in my iPod... but when I plugged my iPod Classic (a.k.a. 6th Gen) in to sync all seemed well. The next day while listening to music on the way to work a song stopped playing. I went back to find it by album to retry it and noticed NONE of the songs on that album would play. Other songs worked, just not those. So I made a mental note to resync the iPod and try again when I got home that night.
Got home, plugged in the Pod and iTunes quickly informed me that my iPod contained "purchased" tracks that were not in my iTunes library and if I synced it, they would be lost. Umm. I told it to go ahead.. thinking it was some strange cryptic message that meant nothing... it was impossible for my iPod to contain anything my library did not anyway. Next thing I know, iTunes is telling me to Restore the iPod!
For those who don't have iPods... this is like reformatting your hard drive on your PC. It all goes away, just as if you'd just picked the iPod out of the box. Sure, the songs are still in iTunes... but it takes HOURS to get them back on the Pod. I cringed, cursed, complained and started the process. Got it reset and set to sync and went to bed figuring it would be done and ready to go the next morning. WRONG!
Woke up the next morning to find iTunes locked up and unresponsive. Couldn't even kill it using the Task Manager! Had to reboot to get it to let go of my iPod. Guess how many songs were on my iPod out of the 2500+ tracks in iTunes.... NONE.
Fast forward to three days later... at one time while constantly fucking with this thing I have had just over 200 tracks on it... At this point.. it's empty again. I just spent an hour and a half manually syncing tracks 10 at a time... to see if they would stay. After about 200.. I checked.. NOTHING.
I fear for my iPod's life.. and mine. I can't stand being without that thing. Yeah, it's still got a warranty on it.. but still.. it's the principal of the matter... NO IPOD FOR DAYS!?
What will I do?

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Cootiebug77 said...

Ouch! I've never had that kind of issue out of my Sansa.


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