Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happiness is a new iPod

Apple has made me a happy iPod owner again. After a gradual decline it became obvious my iPod's hard drive was failing. It finally got to the point where the iPod refused to boot up and endlessly told me it needed to be Restored. However after countless Restores it never got any better and continued to be reported as an "iPod in Recovery Mode". I took it back to the Apple Store tonight after it made a liar out of me Saturday by working flawlessly for the Apple employee. And in less than 5 minutes I had a bright, new, shiny iPod with no questions asked. They hooked it up to their Windows-running Mac and it did the same thing to them, and without another word or question asked, the Mac guy reached into a cabinet behind him and removed a new one. Put mine in it's box and gave me a paper showing my old serial number and new serial number. Pretty spiffy. I was expecting all kinds of questions... "Did you drop it?" "Have you unplugged it without ejecting it first?" "How long have you had it?" "Do you have your receipt?" I was asked none of these questions... or any other. :) I like Apple. I missed my iPod. I'm happy now.

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