Friday, February 29, 2008

Chillin' with my Sasha-dog

Ok. So the title of this post has nothing to do with the topic... it's just what I'm doing at the moment. Sitting on the couch, laptop in lap, facing possible blog overload if I actually describe EVERYTHING that has happened since my last post.
Realistically I don't think I could do that. It's getting late, my neck is getting sore and I would get way side-tracked before I got close so....
Where was I? Oh yeah, the blog thing. Hey, what happens to adults with ADD? I mean, do they do anything about it or since we're past the school days and not considered to need help with a so-called learning disability do they just let it go? Not like I was planning on getting tested or whatever they do to diagnose it.. just wondering. Jake thinks I have it. Funny, I was told the same thing by some friends a few years ago. One of them was actually taking some kind of drug for it.
I think they might be right. I do get distracted, side-tracked and generally have a short attention span. It's funny, my parents used to say I could play by myself for hours and never get bored. They weren't watching very closely. I got bored alright, plenty bored. I just had an overactive imagination that allowed me to keep thinking up new things to play or new conversations to have with myself.
Why DID Cootie have to remind me that I haven't been blogging lately? You'd think, as much as I talk to myself, that this would make an excellent outlet for that habit and I'd be posting several times a day. I wonder if blogger is available from work. Shit! There I go again.
Where was I? Yeah, I was talking about how I get distracted before I got.. uhh.. distracted.
Oh good news. My Dad called me a few weeks ago out of the blue while on my way to work to inform me he was in the hospital. (No, that's not the good news, it's the background story for the good news) He went to his doctor for an office visit because he'd been feeling odd and they sent him to the hospital and had him admitted because his heart beat was very irregular. He calls me as I'm halfway to work... just to let me know! So yeah, I was freaking out all day. Daddy hates having people worry about him, so he tends to keep things to himself. (sounds familiar...) But SHIT! "Just wanted to let you know I'm in the hospital." ... anyway, I heard today he's been on a new med for a while now and it seems to be working. I find it odd though that he's had an irregular heartbeat for a long time now and they FINALLY think it's worth treating?? WTF? He's had panic attacks before that looked and left just like heart attacks... so why start treating him now?
Well, OK.. I'm now yawning too frequently to be able to keep up with what I'm typing. The new bed calls.

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Cootiebug77 said...

My mom is the same damn way. Drives me nuts! I'll get a call 2 weeks after the fact with a "Well I didn't want to worry you." for an explanation. Grrrr. *shrug* Parents, what do you do?


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