Saturday, December 15, 2007

Where has the year gone?

Holy Crap! Here we are, halfway through December already. The niece's gymnastics meets will be ramping back up again next month, although I received word that they won't be as frequent.
Jake and I have both quit smoking. Getting close to a month now. He's taking Chantix... I'm going the way of the frigid poultry - with a little help from cinnamon toothpicks.
My 11-year-old niece has a cell phone.
And speaking of phones, don't you just love it when someone calls your phone and tries to blame it on you? Our home phone rang today and I answered it, although I didn't recognize the name. I could hear people talking, but nobody would answer me, so I hung up. About 45 minutes later the same number calls again. This time I just pushed the "talk" button and didn't say a word. Some lady who sounded eerily like the demented wife of one of Jake's friends started saying "Hello." I said "Hello" and she immediately asks "who is this?" Excuse me? Did you not just call MY phone number? I refuse to answer that question when someone has called ME. I ask them instead. She mumbles some name and asks if I am Sheila. I reply No and inform her she has the wrong number. The acceptable response would have been "Oh, I'm sorry" and hanging up. But will she do that? Hell no, not this lady. She proceeds to tell me that someone from my number called her and she was checking to see who it was. I advised her that nobody had made any outbound calls from this number today, but we did receive an earlier call from hers where nobody spoke. This lady argued with me! Told me someone certainly did call her from this number. I had been trying to keep my sarcasm in check. I wanted to spend my days off calm and as non confrontational as possible. This lady just wrecked it for me. I informed her that would be quite impossible considering I've been next to the phone all day and the only other one near it was Sasha... my 18 month old German Shepherd... and I have not taught her how to use the phone as of yet. She muttered some other crap about disturbing me and junk, but I wasn't listening. I was too busy marvelling at the fact that she could operate a celular phone considering the doesn't know the difference between incoming and outgoing calls.
Jake and I went to pick up the laptop today. Turns out I don't have to do a chargeback after all. They tried to charge us for the so-called diagnostic fee (1/2 hr of labor @ $55 an hour), we refused reminding them that they NEVER took it apart. Now you wanna know the odd part? They said if they took it apart and could replace the part (board is in good shape) it would have close me $199.95. The part was $29.95. So figure $170 in labor charges. They said it was 2 hours to take it apart, fix it and put it together again. Last time I checked, 170/2 was not 55. So somebody was lying about their labor charges, that's for sure. Never again will I take a computer to them. EVER!
It's now scattered all over the dining room table, with the motherboard and power plug sitting on the work bench upstairs. Gotta get some solder wick tomorrow so I can get the old solder off. The part has through-hole blade leads and until I get the solder out of the holes, I'll never be able to get the new one in place. I'm really hoping the damage isn't as bad as it looks. The center pin of the plug-in port came off. That pin was attached to a lead soldered to the board. The hole it was soldered into appears free of solder and that is a bad thing. That usually means the pad has come off with the part. There is no repairing something like that.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 3 years of solder repair will pay off and I'll be able to get this beast running again.

Well, that's some of the stuff that's been going on lately. I'm falling asleep on my keyboard now.. so I'm gone.

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