Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I want my taste buds back!

Monday morning I awoke after three days (3 1/2 actually) off from work with a sore throat.
"Oh great", I tell myself, "I'm getting a cold! At least it waited until after my mini-vacation."
Yeah, it did. But when you work at a job where you are constantly on the phone all day... that's not much consolation. I suffered for 4 hours milking a few Luden's Throat Drops I had in my purse then ventured across the street at lunch to the grocery store for some drugs.
My husband had suggested I try Zicam the last time I got a cold. It certainly sounded promising with it's claim to "reduce the length and severity of your cold." If I was ever in a position to be need that, it's now. So I got a package of Zicam Cold Remedy melt-away tablets... in Cherry flavor. I also got a sprayer bottle of Cepacol throat spray. Their lozenges are the best, but it's hard to talk with one in your mouth sometimes... not very professional on the phone for sure.
Hah! There's a joke for ya! Cherry flavor. Yeah, I know.. since when does medicine actually taste like what it's supposed to... not since the days of taking Dimetapp as a kid has that actually happened.
So anyway, I get out to the car and read the rest of the directions on the Zicam. Dissolve one tablet in mouth every three hours starting with the first sign you are getting a cold. Well, that's where I'm at... so I open the bottle and pop one in my mouth. There was about a 1/2 a second where I thought I had tasted something slightly Cherry-ish, but before I could confirm ... it was gone. My mouth was flooded with a metallic taste... like I was sucking on a nail. I remember that taste, from helping my dad work on projects and after poking myself in the leg a few times by putting them in my pocket, I started sticking the ends of the nails in my mouth. I wouldn't actually suck on them, but there would be a slight metallic taste on my lips afterward. This is like that.... only WAAAAY stronger. And it didn't go away. Rapid Melt to me indicates it would be gone quickly.... not 5-10 minutes later. And of course, no matter how hard I tried to build up saliva in my mouth to help it melt quicker... the taste seemed to prohibit my tongue from doing so. I thought for sure I would puke before it was over. Finally it was... and I was ready to wash the taste out of my mouth when something on the bottle caught my eye... more directions.
Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after taking. 15 minutes? 15 F**CKING MINUTES!? I was counting the seconds.
Now, call me a sucker for punishment, but there was still that part of me that really wanted this to work... so I have stuck with it for 2 days now. And to be honest, I'm not sure if it is working or not. My cold does seem to be progressing slower. Normally by the morning of day three I'm completely stopped up and coughing my guts out. But I was smoking then too... so I'm sure that didn't help much. It's been too long since I've had a smoke-free cold to remember if this is normal progression. However, the most important part... my throat is STILL sore and scratchy... perhaps a bit worse even. I can breathe out of one side of my nose and my eyes are kind of itchy and watery. I know it's not supposed to stop it all together, but I'm not sure how much it is really doing at this point. And herein lies my problem.
The directions on the box say to keep taking it until 48 hours after symptoms are gone. A cold, for me, can last weeks upon weeks. By that time... I wouldn't be able to eat anything! This stuff has had a drastic effect on my sense of taste. Milk tastes like metallic water. Food tastes like it is watered-down and coated with metal powder. I made some kick-ass sausage balls last weekend... using REAL farm-raised hot pork sausage. I tried eating one a few minutes ago and it tasted horrible! I couldn't taste sausage, cheese... nothing!! I noticed it yesterday at work. I hadn't eaten breakfast so I bought a bag of Fritos to munch on during my break. They tasted nothing like corn chips. They had no real taste at all. I just forced myself to eat a strawberry cream cheese bagel... literally forced. It tasted nothing like it should. I will soon quit eating all together if this doesn't (*YAY! I just sneezed... that's a new symptom I didn't have yesterday) clear up soon. I'm beginning to think it's not going to be worth the trouble. But I bought the crap, might as well follow through.. at least until the bottle is gone. But I'm also going to take a Claritin today. Maybe I can combat the nasal issues before that escalates further.

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Note to self: when you're ready to lose weight, start taking Zicam to demolish appetite.


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