Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Rainy Weekend...

Oh joy. Just what I wanted. A lovely rainy weekend to highlight my thoroughly crappy week.
Yeah, it's that week between Christmas and New Year's again. Why does it always seem to suck? Hell if I know.. but 2007 sure is living up to the hype.
An issue with buying a broken Christmas candle in a box that wasn't supposed to have a candle at all completely screwed up the gift-giving portion of the holiday. Thanks Cracker Barrel! I'll be seeing YOU tomorrow!
My spirits were already down due to the whole "family" issue from my previous post.
Saturday we were supposed to go 4-wheeling (which I haven't been able to do in about 2 months... although Jake has gone without me) and never made it... again. Two weekends in a row this has happened because Jake can't manage to buy a pair of friggin orange vests without me. So we end up running from store-to-store Saturday morning and by the time we have any chance of settling for something else... it's too late to go riding anyway. So we buy nothing and go home. Well, last Saturday, we found ONE. So Jake went riding Wednesday... the day after Christmas... while I was at work. He managed to drag his ass out of bed at 7:30 that morning and was gone before I even woke up. Why the hell couldn't he get up that early on Saturday!?
Finally, he goes back to work Thursday morning... and today (Friday) calls and informs me he's on his way home and probably won't be going back out until NEXT Wednesday. So he's going to have one trip and two days of holiday pay on his next check... a TWO week check! Yeah buddy.. that's gonna help with the house payment. Especially considering I'm just getting shit back under control from his crappy Thanksgiving check. (He was home a week then too). I wonder how much of THIS check he managed to suck up in advances. *rolls eyes*
Oh and the reason Jake is on his way back home... some "concerned driver" called and reported him to Highway because he was "swerving and almost cut them off". Nevermind the fact he was trying to avoid spilling several thousand gallons of chemicals on the Interstate because another truck driver tried to run HIM over. Doesn't matter. Not to Mr. Safety Man who now insists Jake attend a "defensive driving" class. Yay for re-runs! He's already taken Highway's course once... not to mention it's merely the same re-hashed thing every trucking company in the country has. Hell, we've both got patches, certification cards and a bracelet from C.R. England's course. That one is a two-parter.
Jake says this is just Mr. Safety trying to be a jerk and he is "going to tell him about it when he gets back to Knoxville." OH BOY!! Anybody care to play the "will he run his mouth too much again and be jobless" game? It's been a while since we've played this game... but it usually has a bad ending. Here's hoping he's matured a bit since the last round. *crosses fingers*
If nobody at work sees me on Monday... I'm dead or in prison. Just a heads-up.

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??? said...

Life is what you make of it darling. And it's a new year now babe. Look ahead, you've got a blank page to write on, make it a good one. ; )


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