Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More on the religious question...

First of all... I have to say I am now finding myself ashamed to have once been called a Christian. Why? Because of THIS.
It's bad enough that they get into the faces on non-Christians and try to point out all the "evils" in their lives. But they even do it to their own followers!? Look through this website, it's downright scary. According to these people, and many hardcore Christians, in order to be doing what God wills... you'd pretty much have to sell all your worldly possessions and live in a cave with your Bible. Oh, and you have to make sure it's the correct Bible too... none of that easy to read stuff. It's gotta be the King James Version. So now, who was King James? Was he alive when Jesus was supposed to have been strolling the Earth raising dead folk and multiplying fish? I think not. Then why does HIS version of the Bible supposedly have it 100% correct when the others are flawless? It's still a translation. Hell, if you don't believe in "lost in translation" check out Engrish! No translation is going to be 100% to the letter.
So, I'm sorry. I have to debunk this website as another feat of ignorance. The way I see it, unless you have read the ACTUAL original books read by the original authors in the original dialect, you cannot tell me WHAT the Bible says. And besides, who's to say it's not just fiction?
That's it! I'm gonna start a new religion... Towerism. I'm currently reading the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. The story of Roland of Gilead is certainly long enough and contains enough unbelievable stuff to be the next Bible. Yep, Towerism. Now all I need is a plastic-haired guy in a suit to get on TV asking for money and I can call it a "real" religion!


-jeff. said...

Holy shit! Oh. Sorry.
That's a hell of a list! Dammit! No! Sorry! I keep fuckin' doing that. I don't mean to.

Did you see the "120 Reasons We Don't Celebrate Christmas" list? These folks have done their homework... in the most retarded, wrongheaded fashion imaginable.

Here's one of their reasons.
the LORD rejected Uzziah and gave him facial leprosy for a new idea

So any time some one has a new idea, they get leprosy of the face? Really? Is that the LORD rolls? Some dude on Earth says, "Hey, I've got it! What if we..." And the LORD says, "Oh, no, we're stopping this action right now."

You've got it alright, dude. You've got leprosy. On your fucking face!
Dammit! Sorry again.

Cootiebug said...

: -O

Wow. Just... wow. I am speechless. Catholicism is the Great Whore?! *cackle* Funny that I seem to get along with Catholics better than fundies. Krys's dad is Catholic, when he came to visit last he gave us a bottle of red wine as a Yule gift. Afterward he pulled me aside and asked in a low voice "You guys do drink at Yule right?" I laughed, "Hell, we're Pagans we drink at any celebration!". He laughed with me, "Well good! We're Catholics and we drink at any celebration!". See. Common ground. That's what it's all about. These KJV Bible thumping morons chill me to my very core.


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