Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange Pits of Wrath

Yes, that is my mother-in-law taking a HAIR DRYER to my niece's brand new $150 competition leotard just hours before a meet. Why? You ask. Oh nothing really, except that it TURNED ORANGE! We're not sure if it is sweat or deodorant at this point. She didn't seem to be sweating, but was getting a little warm just sitting there doing nothing. And because another girl's mother had said something about her daughter's leo changing colors, my sister-in-law, H, told neice A not to wear any deodorant. Ewww. I know their just kids, but they can and do sweat at those meets. She put on a small amount with Grandma's OK. About an hour later, we see orange pits! Not seeds, pits! And boy were they orange. The colors are a bit off in this photo, but that green is bright neon green. Guess what happens when bright, neon green turns orange... OH YEAH. Still not word if GK (the company that makes the leos) is going to do anything about them. More than likely, the blame will be placed on the deodorant and nothing will be done about it. Isn't that the way most companies would handle something like this?
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