Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OK, Fine, I'll admit it. There is ONE thing and ONE thing only that I would miss if I were to go totally invisable. And there she is. Sasha. My girl. I can't imagine life without her. Waking up every morning is made tolerable merely because the first thing that happens when I open my eyes, is my face is instantly covered by a big, pink German Shepherd tongue. And it just keeps coming. She's my shadow, my friend, my "kid", my buddy, my playmate... my only reason for life. I can't imagine hurting her in any way, ever... simply because I know damn well she'd never do it to me and NEVER even think about letting anyone else hurt me. How can I leave and possibly submit her to torture and abuse? Can't do it. I'm sure you'll see alot more pics of her on here in the future. This one just happened to be the first I grabbed... she's pooped here! We'd been playing "tennis balls" for quite some time in nearly 100 degree weather... hence the long sticking-out tongue and squinty eyes.

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